Business Opportunities Abound

Each of us are great and special in our own right, but we know that we are better together. Our collective talents far exceed the sum of our individual abilities; and that’s why we would love to partner with passionate people who have a desire to share that in an intimate setting in Northern California’s wine country.

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The PItch

Whether you are a chef, life/wellness coach, massage therapist, fitness instructor, et al, we want to combine talents and share our grounds so that together our businesses can enrich the lives of others. We are looking for a partner, not an employee. Our facility includes an exposed commercial kitchen and outdoor bbq with intimate interior and exterior seating. Our property is expansive and the rural setting allows for opportunities to accommodate most activities. Together, we’d like to create experiences for our guests that are rejuvenating, serve to foster close relationships, and of course, fun.

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What passion are you ready to share?

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