Welcome to Bed & Barrel at Stonehouse Cellars

We believe seeing the small miracles in everyday life brings happiness and fulfillment. We know it’s easy to lose perspective and forget to pause for the simple moments when life is so busy. That’s why our doors are open to you and yours.

Bed & Barrel is a home that resets your compass to true North and recharges your batteries with perspective for what’s most important. Our home is a haven where roots and breaths become deeper. Here people are free of expectations, most comfortable in their own skin, and remember their true selves.

We believe in doors left unlocked, the fireplace lit, the stew on low, and beds that embrace. We believe rest can be play. We believe in getting your hands dirty and work doesn’t need a to-do list. We believe we are all imperfect and in-progress. We believe miracles are small and right in front of us if we can see them.

Come as you are, stay as you like, and let our home give you sight for the small and simple miracles.

Welcome to Bed & Barrel, a home for friends and wine.

Laugh, break bread, and stay awhile.