our tasting room is open!

Come share stories with us and taste moments of mini-miracles.


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Blind Tasting


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A face-off of favorites

when you join us for a blind tasting.

We are confident that our wines match up against your favorites. That is why our favorite tasting is the Blind Tasting. You’re invited to bring your favorite bottle and blind taste against our favorite Stonehouse varietals.

We will taste one wine for each person in your group. Your group will learn how to score the wines and if the wine you bring wins the overall group your personal tasting fee will be waived.

This option is not just for the competition-minded. We strongly suggest this tasting to anyone considering joining our wine club. 

We are launching a new

monthly subscription

to our new & exclusive wines.

Reserve Tasting

glass of red wine

$15 per person

Choose six (6) wines from our menu or take recommendations from your host. This is the tasting we recommend if you’ve never visited with us before.

minimum of 2 guests Required.

Select Tasting


$25 per person

Our top-of-the-line wines, limited to 25-case productions of handcrafted single barrel reserves. Includes our specialty and limited release wines.

Minimum of 4 guests Required.

Come stay at a quiet place

Where everyone is welcome

to share their stories.
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