Lake County Wine Adventure 2018

Lake County Wine Adventure 2018

The 2018 Lake County Wine Adventure was a BIG hit at Bed & Barrel at Stonehouse Cellars! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy great Lake County wine and friendship.


Owner Greg Stratmann made authentic German goulash and its hearty boldness paired perfectly with our big reds! Greg used a food processor for the first time to make such a large batch and was amazed (and then quite teary) over how quickly and efficiently he chopped 20 pounds of onions!


The Bed & Barrel team is always intent on having a good time so they set up three game stations for guests to compete for prizes: wine pong, cornhole, and shuffleboard. We loved listening to your belly laughs and watching your competitive edges come out. Keep reading to see who won our 2018 Wine Adventures Stay & Play!


The most exciting part of the weekend was, unfortunately, a tiny medical emergency. Greg and Jimee’s son Kai fell and gave himself a good gash in the eyebrow. Thanks to Greg’s handy skills as a pediatric anesthesiologist, and with the help of some great friends, Kai was stitched up and back to his regular shenanigans in no time.  It’s never boring here at Bed & Barrel!


Thank you for playing and staying at our home and we hope to see you again soon!


Here are the winners of the 2018 Wine Adventures Stay & Play:

  • Laurey Skiles

  • Stephen Bradley

  • Robin Jones

  • Jeff Gray

  • Lori (laburns721)

  • Niles Searls

  • Sandy Burke

Please contact Jake for more information at or call (707) 998-3378. 

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